About me

I ALWAYS DELIVER DISCIPLINED, SYSTEMATIC, HIGH-STANDARD EXECUTION. My Life Goal: Saudi Youth Development I am an experienced professional who developed advanced theoretical and execution skills, with balanced emotional intelligence, in both business and academic fields. Most of my experience was centered in the area of foundation and establishment of strong teams, projects, departments, and organizations. I lead the establishment of one academic department, one business project, and a governmental research center. I also provided consultation and coaching during the establishment of several business and governmental organizations. In addition, I also developed experience in managing departments and projects in both academic and business fields.


Research Consultations
Execution Planning & Consultations
Requirements And Documentation
Business Consultations
Training And Coaching
Training Program Development


  • Execution 100%

  • Strategic Planning 90%

  • Applied Research 100%

  • Analytical Skill 90%

  • Web Development 90%


  • Committed 100%

  • Systematic 90%

  • Leadership 90%

  • Relentless 90%

  • Standard-bearer 90%


  • Arabic (Native) 100%

  • English 90%