About me

As a research scientist, I work in almost every area of science imaginable. I am part of the team who plans and carries out experiments and investigations in a range of areas, including Diet, physical activity, public health, and pharmacology. Some of our responsibilities including but not limited to: planning and conducting experiments, recording and analyzing data, carrying out fieldwork, collecting samples, presenting results to senior/other research staff, writing research papers, reports, reviews, and summaries, demonstrating procedures, preparing research proposals and funding applications/bids, supervising staff including technicians, materials testing, ensuring that quality standards are met, liaising with research and/or production staff, developing original solutions to problems, keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments, teaching.


Data Analysis
Developing Research Tools
Data Quality
Clinical Trials
Data Collection


  • Honesty and Integrity 100%

  • Dependability 90%

  • Commitment 100%

  • Professionalism 100%


  • Leadership 100%

  • ​Public Speaking 80%

  • Flexibility 100%

  • Communication 90%